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Yokohama - Level 1, July 25 - 26, 2019 (Thursday - Friday)

TPI Level 1 consists of a 3.5-hour prerequisite video course and a two-day live workshop. Students will learn TPI’s 16 physical screens, 12 major swing characteristics and multiple exercise protocols utilizing over 65 exercises. Students learn how to quickly identify any physical limitations that may be causing a player's swing inefficiencies and master simple solutions to get them back on track.

TPI Level1セミナーは予め履修をいただく3.5時間の動画と2日間の実技セミナーです。TPIの16種類の身体診断、

Online Course Prerequisite:

Please Note: All attendees are required to watch the Level 1 online course, the Body-Swing Connection™ before attending the event. This fun and educational course is just under 4 hours in length and explains in detail all the information needed to prepare you for the practical application nature of the event.

Speakers: Greg Rose, Eiyu Yamaguchi
Instructor Language: English
Translator Language: Japanese
Manual Language: Japanese
Please Note: If you would like an English manual, please contact customer service.
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Date(s): July 25 - 26, 2019 (Thursday - Friday)
Location: Pacifico Yokohama Annex
1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku Kanagawa

Yokohama 220-0012
Phone: +81-45-221-2121
Room: Annex Hall F201


There is not a hotel group rate available for this seminar. Schools in Japan will be on summer vacation starting mid July. We recommend that you secure your hotel accommodations early on.

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2019年7月25日 (木曜日)受付   9:30

            セミナー 10:00-1800

2019年7月26日(金曜日)セミナー 9:30-17:30


Day 1 - July 25  Registration          9:30

                        Seminar Hours       10:00-18:00

Day 2 - July 26  Seminar Hours      10:00-18:00


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会場のweb site : https://www.pacifico.co.jp

オンラ インコースの日本語でのご視聴方法

レベル1セミナーを受講される皆様には、セミナーで習得いただく”Body-Swing Connection身体とスイングの関係(TPIの登録商標)"に関する動画を事前に必ずご視聴の上、ご参加ください。ご視聴方法は上の”オンラインコースの日本語でのご視聴方法”をクリックしてください。

Please contact tpi@titleist.co.jp for more details.


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