Jelle Zandveld

Jelle Zandveld

Jelle Zandveld

I am an Austria based osteopath (D.O.) specialized in golf and sports in general.

I work for the Austrian PGA teaching anatomy and dysfunctional mechanism. Also a specialist author for the golf magazine "Perfect Eagle" and faculty member for "The Golf Athlete".

Sportsmen start to trust their work with osteopaths more and more. I start to work there where regular medicin stops.

If you have physical problems before, during or after your round of golf, I will search for the cause. I will also provide help in prevention and fitness.

It is my job to keep you healthy so you can train better, perform better and improve your game to your highest level!

Read my article on Golf and Osteopathy on this website.

In 2015 I finished my Study "Sports-Osteopathy" at the Dresden International University With my thesis: "The Importance of Sport-Osteopathy for Golf Players with Low Back Pain".

In 2022 I finished my Master study "Sports Osteopathy" At Bucks University. My thesis this time: "The Influence of Visceral Mobilization on the Golf Swing".

Professions: Fitness Professional Medical Professional Golf Professional
Credentials: DO PT Teacher Austrian PGA Sports Physiotherapist / Sports Osteopath Sports Osteopath

TPI Certifications

TPI Certified Level 1

Fitness Level 3

Junior Level 3

Medical Level 3

Golf Level 2


How to find me:

Location: Sport Osteopathie Zandveld
Phone: 0043 5556 77841
Address: Obere Venserstrasse 33, Vandans, Vorarlberg 6773, Austria

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