Amber Peck

Amber Peck

Amber Peck

As a certified Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Instructor, I understand the physiological demands of the game and know that having a consistent, more powerful swing is the ultimate goal.

I design golf-specific strength and conditioning programs with exercises that not only focus on strengthening every muscle involved in the swing, but also exercises that improve the way muscles work together.

Strength in golf is more than just about being gym strong. Strength in golf involves many different factors, including power, balance, body awareness, stability, neuromuscular coordination, and endurance.

With an intense study of exercise physiology, muscle physiology and biomechanics, along with the TPI certification, my goal is to monitor and direct every aspect of your golf performance program to improve your golf swing.

Professions: Fitness Professional
Credentials: Exercise Science Degree

TPI Certifications

TPI Certified Level 1


How to find me:

Location: Energetics Health and Fitness
Phone: 613-484-7235
Address: 631 Fortune Cres, kingston, ON K7P 0L5, Canada

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