Mark Antoine

Mark Antoine

Mark Antoine

As a certified Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Instructor, I understand the physiological demands of the game and know that having a consistent, more powerful swing is the ultimate goal.

The purpose of any golf fitness program should be to prepare golfers in a systematic and methodical manner. As golf is a rotary power sport , training for golf involves many different factors, including balance, body awareness, stability, neuromuscular coordination, power, and endurance.

When a golfer has difficulty in any of the above skill sets, the weakness becomes apparent in the golf swing. This is why it is crucial to design fitness routines with exercises that not only improve individual muscle strength but also improve the way muscles work together.

My goal is to improve the fundamentals of mobility, strength, coordination and balance. Utilizing corrective exercise, golf specific strength, power and speed training I can give you the physical ability to improve your golf swing and to perform at your best.

Professions: Fitness Professional
Credentials: IART

TPI Certifications

TPI Certified Level 1

Fitness Level 2

Power Level 2


How to find me:

Phone: 6134530093
Address: 406 meadowcrest rd. , Kingston, ON K7M 3C5, Canada

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