In this episode of the Golf Fitness Academy you will learn about healthy nutrition.

  • Dr. Steve Matta

    Very comprehensive health and wellness video. Only limitations are for those of us who don't own or like using a treadmill or TRX band (both of which will run you over $200). The kettlebell can easily serve as your one stop workout for both strength and cardio while increasing your grip strength. I have noticed a huge improvement in my game now that I have incorporated kettlebell into my workout. Also wish there was more emphasis on cutting out high fructose corn syrup and sugars, but I do appreciate the discussion on eliminating white grains(breads/pasta).

  • Teresa Gibson

    Kettle bell exercise should be a hip hinge( glutes engaged ) not a squat , hard on the lower back if not done properly.

  • Anonymous User

    Where is the Nutrition???? Exercise and weight loss is not nutrition. Right!

  • Titleist Performance Institute

    Nutrition discussion begins at 12:04 into the episode.

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