When Vertical Force Peaks Too Late in the Downswing

When studying the kinetics of the most powerful and effective ball-strikers on the planet, one of the characteristics that separates elite players from high-handicappers isn't just how much force the generate, but how soon they do it in the downswing.  

This is one of the key concepts that we discuss in our Power Level 2 course and our Power Level 3 seminar (above).  Whether creating a feel in the gym or analyzing ground reaction force data, we want to help golfers learn to push against the ground (especially with their lead foot) earlier in the downswing.

After all, it doesn’t really matter what kind of power a golfer can generate if they don’t apply force early enough to contribute to the angular velocity of the club.

Below are examples of how PGA National Teacher of the Year Mark Blackburn and five-time World Long Drive Champion Jason Zuback help golfers improve power potential by optimizing ground reaction force in the gym and on the range.


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If you are a coach, fitness or medical professional interested in helping your golfers maximize their distance potential by optimizing technique, training, treatment and equipment check out our online Power Level 2 and in-person Power Level 3 seminar.

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