How to Use Your Power 2 Certification to Increase Your Business

When you complete the TPI Power 2 Certification course, you join an elite and small number of golf performance professionals who can help golfers in unique ways. You further differentiate yourself in the field and leave with a skillset that allows you to help golfers unlike any other professional out there.

The challenge, as with all Certifications, is actually getting golfers in front of you so that you can use all the great skills you just learned. That is where the next level of support and education comes in from TPI...leveraging your Certification to increase revenue in your personal business practice.

The Top 3 Things Golfers Care About

Do you know the top three things golfers care about that drive them to make purchasing decisions and have you positioned yourself as the solution for all three?

If you are like most newly Certified members, the answer is probably not as well as you can be. The three things that motivate golfers to get out of their own way and will open the door to you helping them are:


It’s that simple. I’ve literally built a successful business by focusing all my efforts on these three topics. And the good news for you is that as a Power 2 Certified professional, you’re now an expert on how to increase distance. This, along with your Level 1 Certification, uniquely positions you to also increase longevity. What an advantage you have!

The question is, does your marketing and messaging reflect this?

If it doesn’t, I would strongly recommend you update it to do so. When you do, you will then be able to get more golfers in to see you and accomplish what the next section is about...earning a serious return on your investment!

Using The Power 2 Tests To Convert Clients

One of the easiest ways to focus your marketing efforts on distance, longevity and pain is to utilize the power tests as a “sales screen” for all potential clients. Let me explain…

When a client goes through the Level 1 and Power screens, you are able to gather a clear picture of their power profile, understand where they are in need of work to gain distance and identify potential problems that could threaten their longevity and health (being pain free). These simple tests allow you, as a Power 2 Certified Professional, to concretely identify in real time with a client how to improve ALL THREE things they care about! It is business building gold!

When you tell them where they are today and future pace them to understand what their realistic potential is “when they work with YOU,” you are setting the stage for you to be their trusted expert who guides them to their goals. This is what golfers will pay you for with their money and their time.

The power tests solve the biggest problem that TPI professionals have on the sales and marketing side of growing their businesses. It gives you a concrete tool to make a lead aware they have a problem in an area they already have desire to improve, and it positions you as the expert who is going to take them to where they want to be; pain free, hitting it farther and playing golf for decades to come.

There are many ways to actually implement the power tests in situations to gain new clients, but a pop up event or free power screenings is one of the best tools to utilize this strategy. We cover the specifics from soup to nuts including the marketing, flow, messaging, closing and more in the The Business of Golf Performance Course, but hopefully this article is already getting your wheels spinning on how you can start turning a ROI on your certification.

Turning Your TPI Power Certification Into a New Revenue Stream

Now that you are starting to get the picture of how you can use the power tests to convert new clients, do you know how much you are worth now that you are Power 2 Certified? Are you charging the right amount?

Again, if you are like most newly Certified members, probably not. And that is OK! You are not alone! This is all part of the process of transforming yourself into the professional you know you can be. Additionally, if you are starting your own business, or own an existing business that you are bringing this new skill set to, the transformation and expansion never stops.

So lets answer the question - How do you turn this new skillset into an appropriately priced new revenue stream?

The answer is simple...use the power test to maximize your creation of the gap in your sales process to allow you to charge, and receive, what you are worth!

Not sure what that means?

Check out this great resource on how to sell the TPI screen...specifically for you, the power screen. The power screen adds another dimension to your ability to create the gap for clients and positions yourself even more so as the expert who is going to be able to guide them to their goals.

Your Next Steps to Optimizing Your Return on Your Investment in Yourself

Drumming up leads and actually converting them into customers is daunting and hard no matter who you are. We are medical, fitness and golf professionals, not marketing people. You are not alone in the struggle. The fact of the matter is, that if you don’t get yourself in front of golfers, what good is all this training you just did? How are you going to hone your skills and become the expert you know you can be?

The good news is that we have all the answers to these really tough questions for you in a number of different venues to support your growth as a professional and as a business as well.

Our monthly TPI LIVE – Business webinars give you a place to have your questions answered in real-time and further support you as you look to grow your golf performance business and career! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask us questions directly.

If you are looking for a more in depth and “no stone left unturned” step by step guide on how to do this, the Business of Golf Performance course is where you want to go next.

Some of the topics that we cover in depth include...

  1. Building relationships with indirect competitors in your geographic area
  2. Establishing marketing systems for lead generation
  3. Establishing marketing systems for lead nurture
  4. Establishing a sales framework that converts 90%+ of all leads into paying customers
  5. Establishing a deliverable golf performance service that always gives golfers more yards, more years and eliminates pain

If you can do these five things, you will crush it.

If working with golfers is your dream, we are here to help in any and all ways possible. Whether it is the technical side of helping golfers or on the business side, we have your back and are so happy to have you in the TPI community!

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