Simple Marketing Tips for TPI Certified Pros

With TPI Certification, industry professionals gain the opportunity to help golfers AND make a solid living doing what they love. But I get this question consistently from recently Certified professionals…”How do I get golfers to work with me? I’ve tried but it’s proven difficult.”

I started Par4Success out of the back of my car eight years ago and today we have a team of ten and have outgrown our 6,000 square foot facility. Our clientele in the physical therapy and the fitness side of the business is made up of 100% golfers. Yes, it is possible!

So let’s get into how you can leverage your TPI Certification to start a business, scale your existing business and/or create a bolt-on revenue stream.

The One Thing Golfers’ Care About

Ok, actually there are three.  Speed, Longevity and Pain Free Golf.

That’s it.

If you are talking to potential clients about anything else instead of one of these three things, you are going to have a tough time getting golfers in to see you.  

Now that you know what they really care about, how do you get that message out to them?

A Lead Magnet

Even if you don’t know it by name, I am certain you have opted into one. Have you ever filled out a form online to get a report, a video, or any additional access? You typically create an account or provide your email in order to receive the deliverable.

The deliverable that you receive is the lead is simply an asset that provides something of value to the potential client in exchange for their contact information.

So the key to a good lead magnet is making sure it’s something that golfers really care about and that it provides tremendous value -  enough value that a potential client will give you their contact info. We know what golfers care about - Topics related to gaining speed, playing longer and fixing aches and pains are always winners. 

It’s important to understand that lead magnets are not solely for online or social media marketing. At Par4Success, we utilize lead magnets whenever we give a presentation, conduct a workshop or interact with any new potential client. Here’s how that works.

Seminars, Online Workshops, Member Presentations

In-person seminars, member presentations at clubs, and online webinars or workshops are a great way to give golfers (prospective clients) the opportunity to see what you have to offer. But there is a catch…

Your presentation is not about you.

It is NOT about selling the TPI screen.

And it is most definitely not about your expertise or long list of certifications.

It is simply about them. That’s it.

What do THEY need to gain distance, avoid injury, fix injury and play for many years to come?

That is what your presentation needs to be about.

In the presentation, definitely make sure to “kick some shins.” What do I mean by that? When a golfer realizes that they have a deficit that can be holding them back and that YOU are the bridge between fixing that deficit and playing better golf, they will readily provide you their contact info. 

An example of kicking some shins may be having everyone in the meeting try the 90/90 test or the overhead deep squat test and when many fail, pointing out how the inability to pass that test may negatively impact their golf swing. 

An important point to remember - you’re not there to give them the “how” to fix the deficit. You’re there to give them the “what” the deficit is. If they think they know the “how,” they’re far less likely to come see you for a full evaluation.

Avoid the One Deadly Sin of TPI Certifieds

Never, never, never come down with a case of “expertitis. This is the sure fire way to kill any chance you have of golfers working with you.

As soon as you start dropping big fancy terms, all your certifications and talk about lose. Game over. Try again next time.

I can’t stress this enough. We cover this and more in detail in The Business of Golf Performance online course that you can take through TPI. If you take nothing else from this quick hit article, take this.

Email Automations

Ok you’ve done it. A potential client has realized they have a deficit. They want to learn more by reading or viewing the lead magnet deliverable you’ve created. They’ve given you permission to contact them either through an online form or a signup sheet handed out at the meeting. Now what?

The easiest way to build trust with a lead is via email. Once they give you their email address, they have given you permission to market to them. So do it!

Send them value. Talk to them about speed, injury and longevity in terms that are relevant to them. After you deliver value, don’t forget to ASK for the opportunity to help them!  

This is the number one area people swing and miss on. Don’t be afraid to ask them to do business with you...after all, you’re not doing this as a hobby are you? If you are trying to make a living doing this, then at some point you need to ask for the opportunity to help them. You have the ability to really help them so they can enjoy the game more. 

Email automations are a great way to get the conversation started. I’d recommend automating the emails as soon as you can. There are many services that can have you up and running with incredible email campaigns with just a little effort in the beginning to map out and create the email journey.

Final Thoughts

No matter what tactics you use and what strategies you implement, always remember that everything you do is about the client and what they desire. You can’t create desire, so don’t try.  Your job is to harness the desire that golfers already have to gain speed, longevity and pain free years of golf...and then turn that desire into your livelihood.

To learn much more about how to build your business, make sure to check out our online course  The Business of Golf Performance

Bryan and I are always here to help any TPI Certified along the way and always offer a Free Strategy Call which you can schedule here.  If you feel like you are struggling to get golfers in your door and create the business you know you deserve, set up a time and let’s chat! 


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