Early Extension Swing Characteristic


Early Extension is the most common swing characteristics in golf. It is simply defined as any forward movement of the pelvis toward the ball on the backswing or downswing. In our research at TPI we have tested over 90000 golfers through our screening procedures worldwide and an amazing 67% have early extension. What is just as amazing is of the more than a 100, PGA, European and LPGA golfers we have tested, 99 % of them don't have early extension. This may be one of the biggest correlations as to whether you are a great ball striker or not. 

So why is it that so many amateur golfers suffer from this movement pattern during their golf swing? To find out we would have to physically assess you but one of the most prevalent issues with golfers that have early extension have, is their inability to do a full deep squat.  I know what you're thinking a deep squat that's easy but hold on.  

The deep squat test actually requires total body function to perform it properly. It is used to assess bilateral, symmetrical, functional mobility of the hips, knees and ankles. With a dowel held overhead during the test it also assess the functionality of the shoulder, as well as the thoracic spine. If you fail this test it is difficult for you to stay forward flexed as you rotate during your golf swing and as a result you will move forward toward the golf ball during the backswing or the downswing, this can cause you to start the ball to far to the right of your target and you may hit what is called a block, push or hook, it can also affect your short game with fat and thin shots and can even cause the dreaded shank. 

I have attached some of my favorite drills to help give you the feeling, but ideally find a Tpi Certified Expert on our site and have them physically evaluate you and take you through the deep squat progression to see if your body is affecting your golf swing. 

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