Green Reading Process

There are thousands of different ways to putt.  As I see it there are styles developed by copying mentors or other great players, there are styles developed by length, lie and style of putter itself and their are styles developed due to your physicality.  Non-the less, when you speak with the best players in the world they will say you need three things to be a good putter.

1. The ability to read the green complex, including the slope and the terrain on which the green sits upon.

2. You need to be able to judge the speed of the green and hit a putt with consistent speed.

3. You must hit your spot or put another way be able to start the ball on the line that you read.

These three traits are fundamentals that simply can’t be overlooked if you want to be able to putt better.  In this video we talk about green reading, I have also attached several more putting drills, including some from the tour's number one shortgame teacher James Sieckman, to help you with your speed control and hitting your spot.

Also find the attached PDF article on Green Reading from Dr. Paul Hurrion, who is on TPI’s advisory board and has worked with many of the best putters in the world. /files/Articles/1121a_GFI113_Beach_Break_Inst_Hurrion.pdf

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