3 Bays GSA Swing Analyzer

One of the newest technologies that is appearing in the golf industry today, is the use of motion sensors to determine swing parameters and help you understand your golf swing. 

The 3Bays GSA is an example of some new emerging tech to help you with your golf game. Not sure where the name came from but I hate it, it conveys nothing about the product at all.

Anyway it is a cool looking device that in many ways looks like a golf tee on steroids and simply plugs in to the butt end of your golf club. Once you have downloaded the included app on your smartphone you can connect via Bluetooth and start measuring your golf swing. 

This little piece of tech is packed with a gyroscope and accelerometer that can collect an amazing 10000 points of data during your swing, which is a little hard to believe. They can display things like Club Head Speed, Tempo, Swing Path, Face angle, Impact Force, Attainable Shot Distance, Attainable Ball Speed, Down Swing Time, Back swing Time. 

Being the tech guy that I am I truly love gadgets like this and what they can do. I think if used correctly with a golf professional these devices can act as measuring tools during practice and really help students improve their games. The only little bit of advice i would give is, tell us what you can measure accurately and don't bother with the stuff that is simply not accurate. 

For instance club head speed and ball speed, can't be measured accurately by a sensor in the butt end of a golf club, unless you know the length of the club, how the shaft flexes and where I hit it on the club face and you can't get that from the butt end of the club. I am sure tempo and time numbers are very good because it can certainly measure those, but I start to think less of the product when half the data is correct and half is just a guess. Non the less love the design and simplicity of the unit and I think in the right circumstances this could be used to help someone better understand their swing. 

It is available now online at retailers like golf smith. 


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