Iphone Wind Meter

Wind Meter - uses your iPhone to estimate the speed of the wind. It works by measuring the volume of the wind on your iPhone microphone and converts it into a wind speed reading. 

To use, simply point the microphone into the wind and push Get Wind! Wait a few seconds and push Got Wind! The final reading is the average of the period. (The application is upside-down so you can read the meter while pointing the microphone into the wind.) It supports multiple units of measure including Miles Per Hour, Knots, Kilometers Per Hour, Beaufort, Feet Per Second, and Meters Per Second.

Now that you have the wind speed, you can figure out your carry yardages in different wind speeds to help you and your caddie pick the right club at the right time.  Not sure i trust it based on the wind research in the attached article, but if your a tech geek like me, you can certainly impress your golfing buddies. 

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