Power 2 Certification

TPI’s Power 2 course is a two-day seminar dedicated to the art of increasing swing speed. Students will learn the technical, physical, and equipment modifications used by the biggest hitters in the world. Join 5-time World Long Drive Champion Jason Zuback, Olympic lifting coach Robert Yang, long drive competitor and equipment expert Liam Mucklow as well as TPI Co-founders Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips as they walk you through simple steps to increase you and your student’s overall power and distance.

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Bundling Discounts Available

When you bundle two or more Certification courses, you receive $100 off Level 1, $200 off each Level 2 and $300 off each Level 3.

  • Ex: L1 ($100 off) + L2 ($200 off) = $300 Discount
  • Ex: L1 ($100 off) + L2 ($200 off) + L3 ($300 off) = $600 Discount
  • L2 ($200 off) + L2 ($200 off) = $400 Discount
  • L2 ($200 off) + L3 ($300 off) = $500 Discount

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*Number of instructors at each seminar can vary depending upon location. For both North America and International seminars, refer to the seminar’s registration page for the instructors scheduled to teach.


Introduction to TPI’s Power Coaching Class

By looking at the stats of some of the best players in the world, learn why power matters and why the game is demanding more distance everyday.

The Science of Power

Dr. Rose will discuss the evidence-based factors that help develop power. These factors include the science of motor unit recruitment, muscle fiber types, the potentiation effect and the physics of projectiles.

Clinical Observations

In addition to the evidence-based concepts that develop power, learn clinically based evidence and observations that have helped some of the longest hitters in the world. Students will learn The Big Break Theory, Overspeed Training, Overload Training, The Rules of 4 and Muscular Loading principles.

Power Matrix

Students will learn the four main power sources used to generate power in the golf swing: Vertical Thrust, Rotary Power, Chop Power and Wrist Release Power. Then incorporate all four of these sources into TPI’s 4X4 Power Matrix, a simple system to help design effective power development training programs

Power Swing Techniques

5-time World Long Drive Champion Jason Zuback and Dr. Greg Rose will teach you swing modifications that can be used to generate more clubhead speed. These lower body modifications followed by upper body modifications will challenge your beliefs about how to hit the ball farther.

Screening for Power

As with each TPI Certification course, if you don’t assess it’s just a guess. This statement is especially true when it comes to power generation. Learn the TPI power screen, the first step in determining potential physical limitations with you or your client.

Loading the Links

PGA of Canada professional Liam Mucklow will discuss how the body generates power from the ground up. Liam will show you how to identify problems in the kinetic chain and how to address these issues with simple coordination drills.

Club Fitting for Power

Learn the latest findings in club fitting considerations for increasing swing speed. Liam discusses the interpretation of launch monitor data and long distance club fitting topics including: loft, shaft length, shaft weight, shaft flex and grip.


LPGA Members may claim a total of 8 Non-LPGA Continuing Education Units for participating in this approved program. CEU submissions must be accompanied with a Certificate of Completion.


Power 2 Certification is designated as a Major for all students who successfully complete the following:

  • Level 1 Certification
  • Successfully pass the Power 2 examination

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