Becoming TPI Certified is a strategic investment in your future - you’re now better prepared to coach, train or treat golfers. But how do you generate a substantial financial return with these new skills? How do you simply get new clients in the door? This course by our friends at FitGolf answers that fundamental question.

The curriculum outlined in this course lays out a path to effectively communicate with your target demographic of golfers. You will then learn how to establish and implement marketing activities that put you in front of those golfers and the communication skills you will need to CONVERT that target demographic into paying clients.

This 4.5 hour online video course will teach you best practices to help bring in golfers as new clients and provide in-depth access to some of the industry’s best kept secrets, such as:

  • What demographics generate the best revenue and how to approach these markets
  • How to get people familiar with you and your brand
  • How to build Referring Partnerships that send golfers to you
  • The best marketing activities that generate new prospects or clients
  • How to get new clients in an off-season or a “slow” time
  • The characteristics of a Successful Golf Fitness business, compared to an Unsuccessful Golf fitness business

At the end of this course, you will know exactly what to DO, what to SAY, and WHEN to say it, while connecting with the two most important people groups you will come in contact with: The “Golfers,” who are the people you are selling your services to with the goal of making them your clients, and the “Partners”, or “Referring Partners”, who are the people or businesses that will give you access to golfers.

How To Get Clients In The Door

*Active Certified Price: $169.00


Thank you so much for this fantastic informative and inspiring course. I think the model you and your team have put together will help all attendees improve their golf fitness business and help us all make more money.

Andy G. - Director of Golf Performance
Sant Cugat Del Valles, Barcelona

This course is a tremendous compliment to my TPI Certification. This allows me to take this certification to the next level – applying it to business, and utilizing specific tactics to grow my client base and ultimately to make a living being a Golf Fitness Professional.

Gina D

Lots of great info dispersed in this course. We all need this valuable information and experience to grow our golf fitness business.

Deb C. – Allison Park, PA

Awesome course, It was a real eye opener into all the different ways to get clients in the door… and to keep them coming through the door. Marketing made easy!

Rob T. – Houston, TX

This is the most direct and clear return on investment I have received from any course, ever.

Michael G., PT - Rockland, ME

I am a TPI Golf Fitness Specialist who knows my work very well but would freeze when it came to marketing to golf prospects. Nothing gets more frustrating but to have all this knowledge and not know how to get people to listen to me! After taking this FitGolf Golf Fitness Business Building course I felt the weight of the world fall off my shoulders. It's so simple, yet so powerful. You will not regret it - worth every dime!

Rita Danelian - Encino, CA

I am so impressed with this course because it literally helps you achieve what it states in the title. It takes you step by step through the process of not just getting more clients but also how to keep those clients training with you.

Dave Marcer - Fitness 4 Golfers


The techniques and strategies taught in this course have been time-tested and proven to work at some of the most successful Golf Fitness facilities in the world. The concepts build upon each other chapter by chapter and downloadable worksheets are given to allow you the time to reflect upon the material and apply it to your unique situation. The intuitive layout of the course makes it easy to go back again and again ensuring the detail of each chapter or associated worksheet is mastered.

Identifying Market Demographics

The course begins by discussing how to identify good target markets and establishing a baseline for how to approach these markets. After that, you’ll learn how to get people familiar with you and your brand and the basic set of rules that prepare you for tackling the market.

Basic Golf Fitness Business Rules

Learn the basic set of rules that prepare you for tackling your target market, the importance of the Referral Market, and how you can capitalize on your referring partners to help you with the heavy lifting.

Mapping out Your Cultivation Strategy

Learn how to establish a game plan for cultivating referral relationships to be long-term new-client generators, one of the biggest keys to your success.

Website and Social Media Presence

Is your online presence doing what it needs to? Learn how to present yourself via your website, social media, as well as the essential email concepts required for success.

What to Do, What to Say… and When

Don’t get caught off guard while in front of a potential client or partner and lose the opportunity you’ve worked so hard for. Scripts have proven to be an invaluable tool to improve your conversion rate. Know what to do and say when talking with a prospect across a variety of different scenarios.

Get New Clients in the Door!

The course concludes by revisiting some of your earlier activities with a new perspective, and how to set in motion your plan to get clients in the door.

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